Top Gear likes Leif Tufvesson. Not only because he sounds like a Viking warrior, but also because he makes mad hot rods out of bits of old Volvo. Which is rather like making Samurai swords out of old ladles.

This is the Hot Rod Jakob, built by Tufvesson in the style of the first-ever series-produced Volvo, the 1927 OV4.

Although it’s a completely new design rather than a restored model, the Jakob was constructed in exactly the same method as the original OV4, with raw aluminium panels hammered into shape by hand. Even the number of screws and the curvature of the bonnet are identical.

Tufvesson raided the Volvo old parts bin for the Jakob’s components, too: the steering wheel and gear level gaiter come from a 1962 P1800, while the brake pedal is straight off a 140 Series. Even the paint job and interior leather are in the same style as the old OV4.

It’s not all old-school, though. Under those classic panels lurks a carbon fibre chassis and Volvo’s 2.5-litre T5 engine, which has been converted to run solely on ethanol.

So it’s green and gorgeous. And Top Gear wants to drive it. Top Gear likes Leif Tufvesson. Enough to buy you a big box of doughnuts if you’re reading, Leif.